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Shop the most affordable used and new cryotherapy machines from the top rated cryotherapy equipment manufactures. The Spa Butler provides over 15 years of combined experience, and unbiased equipment expertise to help you build a successful cryotherapy business.

#1 Cryotherapy Equipment Supplier Our inventory consists of custom mobile cryotherapy trailers, whole body cryotherapy machines, and advanced cryo facial devices.

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Mobile Cryotherapy

Mobile cryotherapy vehicles are a quick and easy way to start a cryotherapy business. Customized to our clients needs, The Spa Butler has the resources and team to transform any RV, bus, or box truck into a custom mobile cryotherapy center. Receive a custom quote or ask about our current mobile cryotherapy inventory starting at $99,999.

Cryotherapy Trailers

Cryotherapy trailers offer a more affordable route to enter the cryotherapy industry. As the #1 provider of cryotherapy trailers, The Spa Butler has been helping individuals start a turn-key cryotherapy business since 2014. Our custom cryotherapy trailers range from 16ft upwards to 30ft, and can host multiple spa services starting at $59,999.

Cryotherapy Chambers

Cryotherapy Chambers are a lot more affordable and accessible with The Spa Butler. The additional revenue stream generated from adding cryotherapy chambers to spa businesses has helped many esthetic professionals increase their new client database and retention. Select from a variety of used and new cryotherapy chambers from the top American made manufactures starting at $29,999.

Cryo Facial Machines

Cryo facial machines are becoming more popular across the esthetic industry for its firming and brightening results. In as little as 15 minutes, clients will notice a decrease in inflammation, fine lines, wrinkles and acne with cryo facial machines. Based on your spa business model, our spa consultants can help you select the best electric or nitrogen cryo facial machines starting at $4,999.

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