Lumini Skin Care Analyzer

The Lumini skin care analyzer is the latest innovation in beauty artificial intelligence. It uses patented AI skin analysis technology to scan the face in a snap and recommends cosmetic products optimized for the individual by considering the products ingredients and information.

Latest Innovation In Beauty AI Lumini delivers a significantly improved experience for aesthetic and skin care consultations. Sell more skin care treatments more effectively with clear recommendations combined with the visual impact.

AI Face Detection

AI Skin Analysis

AI Beauty Kiosk

Lumini Kiosk V2

Lumini Kiosk V2 is an AI skin analysis machine in the form of smart mirror that accurately analyzes the entire facial skin in a snap through deep-learning based AI technology. This beauty kiosk recommends the most suitable skincare products and emails those products with a report that can be printed for each user. The unparalleled technology holds value in the beauty industry, and it has been fully recognized by winning CES Innovation Awards for four consecutive years.

AI Skin Care Analyzer Benefits

  • Diagnose skin conditions by indicating the area that needs concentrated care
  • Increase purchase rate through targeted marketing with patented beauty ai technology
  • Recommend the most suitable products for the customer by using the skin product database.
Lumini Skin Care Analyzer Beauty Kiosk

Redefining The Vision of Skin Care AI Skin Care Assistant For Stores

AI Captures Face in Real Time with Age

AI-based big data estimate real-time age of user by scanning the face automatically. Beauty kiosk detects skin data using Lumini’s special lighting and correction technology.

lumini beauty kiosk

Deep Learning Based Skin Score

Deep learning AI technology provides skin age and skin score on 7 categories. These skin care categories include spots, texture, pores, wrinkles, pigmentation, redness and dark circles.

lumini ai skin care analyzer

AI Cosmetic Recommendation

Personalized cosmetic products are recommended based on the skin condition after analyzing ingredients and formulations of the products in the database.

lumini ai skin analysis solution

Visual Analysis Algorithm

Cross-polarized and UV lighting are used to record, measure, and analyze surface and subsurface skin conditions. This provides the most complete data set available for sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and more.

skin care analyzer

AI Skin Ranking System

Skin ranking systems is provided by comparing the skin condition with the people of the same age group based on the big data from around the world.

ai skin assistant

Online-to-Offline Commerce

Personalized reports are sent through e-mail or text to the users. User will be able to purchase recommended products by clicking on the report and visiting product homepage.

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