Ivismile Teeth Whitening Kit

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Featuring a powerful LED light combined with advanced whitening gel, the complete teeth whitening kit has everything you need to achieve a whiter smile at home.

✓ Whitens up to 10 shades in 7 days

✓ LED accelerator light speeds up the whitening results

✓ Causes no sensitivity, pain or irritation

✓ 35% carbamide peroxide whitening gel made in the USA (20+ treatments)

✓ Safe for enamel, caps, crowns and veneers

✓ Use for 30 minutes per day

Ivismile Complete LED Teeth Whitening Kit

Meet the Ivismile Teeth Whitening Kit! The most advanced teeth whitening kit that removes tooth stains in as little as 1 treatment. Using the power of LED light combined with elite whitening gel, you can achieve professional dentist level results at home in 30 minutes per day. The complete LED teeth whitening kit light has been re-engineered to provide more power, comfort and better whitening results. The bright LED light accelerates the whitening gel molecules on the tooth surface, rapidly removing years of staining. It includes a storage case that also acts as a charging dock so you can keep your device fully charged and use as needed.

We use the same proven ingredient as dentists: 35% carbamide peroxide, which is the gold standard in at-home teeth whitening. Our gel is also made in the USA to ensure safety and efficacy. Whiten up to 10 shades in 7 days without the sensitivity, irritation or harming your tooth enamel. Ivismile comes with 32 led lights and 2 modes. The first mode is blue light with 15 min timer. Second mode is red and blue dual light with 15 min timer, and the led light will turn off automatically.

Ivismile Teeth Whitening Kit LED Teeth Whitening Kit Remove Tooth Stains Complete LED Teeth Whitening Kit Ivismile Teeth Whitening Kit Remove Tooth Stains LED Teeth Whitening Kit Complete LED Teeth Whitening Kit



Product Description

Ivismile LED Teeth Whitening Kit
Product Name
Wireless teeth whitening kit
1x teeth whitening led light
3x teeth whitening gel pen
1x user manual
1x shade guide
7-10 days
Home, Office, Travel
Gel of US& AU
Gel of EU
PAP, Sodum Chlorite, Soduim Bicarbonate
Gel Volume
Using Time
3-4 times each pen
Pen Color
Black or White
Expire Time
12 months
Device Led
32 LED light
Waterproof Level
Charging time
2 Hours
Working Times
5-7 Times



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