Ion Plasma Pen


The Plasma Ion Pen uses ion face lift technology to deeply activate and rejuvante your skin.

The Ion Plasma Pen is the premier non-invasive facial and skincare tool on the market. With patented skincare technology it deeply activates and elevates your skin, giving you the appearance of a fuller, more youthful look in just 10 minutes. The Ion Plasma Pen is the most advanced at home face lift device on the market. Export negative ions and import light waves with the ion face lift device. For smoother gliding check out our HFS collagen infusion serum product.

ion plasma penPlasma Ion Face Lift Benefits

1. Tighten loose skin, increase skin elasticity, remove fine lines, leave skin regaining firmness.
2. Differentiate the pigment cells, remove dark spots and abnormal pigment.
3. Rejuvenate the skin by removing acne and oil and improve the skin texture.
4. At home face lift device that relieves pain and stops itching.
5. Plasma waves export ion energy and import light waves with vibrating massage.

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