ASCO Solenoid 120v/60hz

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  • Fits All Cryotherapy Machines
  • Valves are built to control cryogenic fluids, including liquid nitrogen (-320˚F/-194˚C), liquid argon (-303˚F/-184˚C), and liquid oxygen (-297˚F/-181˚C)
  • Valves are degreased, cleaned, tested free of moisture, and black light tested for hydrocarbons
  • Two-way (2/2) normally closed (opens when energized) operation
  • Brass body material

ASCO solenoid valve quick connect style. Assembly includes One (1) ASCO Solenoid valve with quick connect bracket. Does not include Solenoid cable set or any fittings. Solenoid valves dispense liquids and are for use in gas shutoff, vacuum holding, and tank draining. High-flow valves are for liquid, corrosive, and air/inert gas service. Some valves are for outdoor use, while explosion proof models contain internal explosions without causing an external hazard. Some solenoid valves have a universal valve design so they can be connected in either a normally closed or normally open position. Cryogenic solenoid valves handle cryogenic fluids, including liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, and liquid oxygen.


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