Cryo Lean 360

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Cryo-Lean 360 is the leading non-invasive Dual Modality, Fat Freezing & Body Toning cosmetic device on the market. Cryo-Lean 360 helps with Fat Reduction by inducing lipolysis (the breaking down of fat cells) to reduce body fat without damaging other tissues. The Cryo-Lean 360 treatment is hands-free and utilizes two different modalities at the same time to target Fat Cells using cold therapy and for Body Toning with Pulse Shockwave therapy simultaneously.

Cryo Lean 360 is the most exciting fat freezing machine (cryolipolysis) and body toning device on the market. It is a dual modality device which utilizes Fat Freezing and Pulse Shockwave to target fat cells, smooth skin and tone the body. It’s a 35-minute treatment that is virtually handsfree allowing you to do another service in a different area at the same time. There is no pain, no downtime and this cosmetic device is designed for estheticians, cosmetologists, spa professionals and medical professionals.

Training, Device Certification, Marketing Materials, Consent Forms and Protocols are all included.

Fat Freezing Machine Benefits

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Cryolipolysis and Body Toning in One Device


Cryo Lean  360 Works!

In our gallery, you can see some of the body toning results our clients have achieved to reduce wrinkles and lines, diminish unwanted fat, tighten the skin, and much more. Contact us today to learn more about starting your own personalized body toning business to remake and refresh your look.

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