Manufactured in the USA, the Cryoxcel cryosauna offers a modern art deco design, UL and CE certified mark, innovative cooling system, and a large 24″ LCD touch screen panel for easy operations. Made of either stainless steel (classic) or anodized aluminum (elite), the Cryoxcel technology is intuitive and the platform provides the ability to securely store customer information, store settings and more. Software updates are as simple as connecting to Wi-Fi and downloading the latest enhancements at no additional charge.

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Cryotherapy Machine For Sale

The Spa Butler is proud to offer the Cryoxcel cryosauna starting at $36,000. The Cryoxcel cryosauna is made in America and known for its reliability, durability, and safety. New owners can customize the interior and exterior color of the cryotherapy machine, monitor efficiency through wi-fi reporting, and choose between a stainless steel or anodized aluminum frame. The Spa Butler will also provide an in-depth consultation to help you adhere to your local and state laws, establish a nitrogen account (with your local provider), and recommend friendly cryotherapy insurance providers. All Cryoxcel cryotherapy machines provided by The Spa Butler come with installation, training, and a 2 year manufacture warranty.


Capacity: 1

Sessions / 10-Hour Day @50% capacity: 75

Max Sessions per 1 hour: 15

Acquisition Cost: $36k-$49k

Installation: Included

Training Program: Included

Service and Support: Included

Pre-Cool Time: 1 to 2 minutes

Cryo Clothing: Gloves, Socks, boots

Who is Cryoxcel?


The Cryoxcel Experience


Classic (Stainless Steel), Elite (Anodized Aluminum)


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