M-Cryo XL

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The M-Cryo XL cryosauna has been designed for reliability, durability, serviceability and efficiency. They are easy to install and maintain, quiet, economical, and suitable for slow, as well as high volume operations. The interior material of the cryotherapy machine is frost resistant, and customers can select any exterior or interior color they desire. The M-Cryo XL is capable of providing as many as 15-20 sessions per hour and is perfect as an entry level cryotherapy machine.

The M-Cryo XL cryosauna is a great cryotherapy device for anyone looking to start a cryotherapy business. Fully sourced and made in the USA (Richardson, Texas), M-Cryo offers a modern design, padded lift system, and a special vaporization technology to maximize nitrogen efficiency while meeting all US safety standards and regulations. Services provided at no additional cost from the manufacture include delivery, installation, training, certification of operators, and 2-year warranty. The Spa Butler will also provide an in-depth consultation to help you adhere to your local and state laws, establish a nitrogen account (with your local provider), and recommend friendly cryosauna insurance providers.


  • Footprint: 70” x 50”

  • Radius of the client’s cabin: 42” (external), 35” (internal)

  • Height of the client’s cabin: 72”

  • Overall height of the cabin: 85”

  • Weight: about 900 lbs.

  • Electric lifting platform (optional) with capacity of up to 500  lbs.

  • Digital temperature panel 5.7” touch screen  operation panel

  • Nitrogen supply from a 22  psi pressurized cylinder

M-Cryo XL: Best Cryotherapy Machine


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