Ethos by Artica Systems

Original price was: $139,999.00.Current price is: $124,998.00.

Ethos by Artica Systems is the most popular and affordable American made electric cryotherapy dual chamber in the world. Designed as a dual chamber electric cryotherapy machine with many features and comfort settings to produce the most comfortable and personalized cryotherapy session available. The Ethos can reach temperatures down to -80C to -110C in minutes with patent-pending Breeze Link and Cryo Boost technology!

Ethos by Artica Systems

Ethos by Artica Systems is the most advanced dual chamber electric cryotherapy machine for home use. After all, Artica Systems invented Breeze Link and Cryo Boost technology! That’s why they know exactly what makes an electric cryo chamber stand out. It needs to perform convincingly, be easy to use, and have the potential to benefit your clients’ vitality and looks. The Vortex by Artica Systems fits the bill in all three departments. This cold therapy room price is so effective and cost-attractive that most owners recoup their cost in about two years.

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Artica Systems’ chambers come with real material finishes and dozens of configurations. They will work with you to customize your machine to fit perfectly into your space.

Cold Therapy Room Price

Artica Systems re-invented the cold therapy room, so you can depend on the expertise of their engineers – from planning and production in the USA to personal aftercare. With whole body electric cryotherapy booming in the wellness and beauty sector, the Ethos cold therapy room price starts at $124,998. This is a smart investment that will quickly pay for itself. Cooling requires no nitrogen whatsoever making the cold therapy room safe, gentle and efficient.

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Dual Chamber Electric Cryotherapy Room For Home or Business

You have the option of letting up to 10 people per hour enjoy the benefits of cryo. This performance combined with a very low energy consumption makes the Artica Systems electric cryotherapy machines one of the most economical innovations in the health and wellness industry.

Their in-house service is at your side with the help of remote maintenance at any time or, of course, also on site, so that you can rely on in the long term!. So whether you want to offer your clients the possibility for recovery before or after their training session or you are interested in adding cryo to support your therapeutic practice – the Vortex and Ethos by Artica Systems is your partner at ultra low temperatures.

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Introducing A New Class Of Electric Whole Body Cryotherapy Systems

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