Impact Cryotherapy

Original price was: $45,000.00.Current price is: $32,000.00.

Impact Cryotherapy is the #1 selling cryotherapy machine around the world. Made in the USA, Impact cryotherapy is known for their unique octagon design produced from an anodized aluminum frame with sleek thermo-insulated polymer panels. An adjustable height riser platform, patented vapor delivery system, and a custom built software designed for safety and efficiency makes the Impact cryotherapy machine an ideal choice when starting a cryotherapy business.

Impact Cryotherapy is the leading manufacturer of cryo machines in the United States. From engineering, design, quality assurance, safety and nitrogen consumption; Impact Cryotherapy has end-to-end control of the entire process and has thousands of machines on the market. By simplifying the user interface and integrating safety protocols, the operator can operate the cryosauna with ease. Direct communication from the online monitoring system to the operator means the Impact Cryotherapy machine exceed safety standards and make sure the sessions are replicated without fail. The safety of your customers is top priority and each Impact Cryosauna bears the ETL mark from Intertek.

New and Used Impact Cryotherapy Machines

The Spa Butler carries a variety of “Like New” Impact cryo machines manufactured from 2015-2021 starting at $32,000. These cryo machines typically have under 1500 sessions on the device and a certified cryotherapy technician goes over the cryosauna from top to bottom to refurbish the equipment for a new owner. New owners can now save up to 40% off from paying retail instead of buying a brand new cryotherapy chamber. The Spa Butler will also provide an in-depth consultation to help you adhere to your local and state laws, establish a nitrogen account (with your local provider), and recommend friendly cryo insurance providers. All Impact cryotherapy machines provided by The Spa Butler come with installation, training, and a 1 year parts warranty.

Impact Cryotherapy Machine

Capacity: 1

Sessions / 10-Hour Day @50% capacity: 75

Max Sessions per 1 hour: 15

Acquisition Cost: $32k-$38k

Installation: Included

Training Program: Included

Service and Support: Included

Pre-Cool Time: 3 to 4 minutes

Cryo Clothing: Gloves, Socks, boots

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